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Zoom our White Belt Class Ages 6-9

4:30 - 5:00

M-Th Zoom Trial Price=$50/mo

Zoom our White Belt Class Ages 6-9

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4:30 - 5:00

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About Us


Qualified Instructors

Alameda Martial Arts was founded by Erik Lee, in 1994. Erik Lee is a three-time 2nd Dahn Grand Champion. To earn the title of Grand Champion, Mr. Lee competed at the annual WKSA Tri-State Tournament (held in San Francisco in 1997, 1998, and 1999). Erik Lee effectively translates his skills as a fourth degree black belt and is an engaging and entertaining instructor who can teach students of all ages and skill levels. Erik Lee's leadership secured the title of "Top Points 1st Place School" for an unprecedented six years in a row at the annual tri-state WKSA tournament. Erik Lee and his family are committed to training with the best coaches in the MMA and bringing this knowledge back to share with his students.

In 2006, Mr. Lee teamed up with Maria Young and moved to our new location.

Maria Young holds a Master's degree from UC Berkeley and is a Experienced (200 hour) Registered Yoga Teacher (500 hour) through Yoga Alliance and a graduate of the Piedmont Yoga Program where she trained with Rodney Yee and Richard Rosen. Maria Young is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and holds her black belt in Kuk Sool and was awarded the Grand Champion prize at the annual tri-state tournament. Maria Young also holds specialty certificates in Tai Chi, Youth Fitness and Senior Fitness Maria Young now teaches alongside Erik Lee as the resident expert on all things "stretchy". Maria emphasizes proper alignment and form to ensure her student's athletic development and peak performance. Maria Young is also a certified "Matter of Balance" instructor and works at the City of Alameda Fire Department as the Senior Safety Officer.  She teaches quarterly workshops to seniors to improve their coordination to prevent falls.


Modern Studio

Alameda Martial Arts is dedicated to instruction in Traditional Mixed Martial Arts for kids and teens.  Parents are also welcome to join our teen class. 

We are conveniently located near the Harbor Bay Ferry, on Bay Farm Island.  Click our Google 360 link to view the interior.

2189 Harbor Bay Parkway Alameda CA 94502

The Bay Trail goes right past our school, so you can bike or hike here. 

Our new facility was built in 2005 and offers a large and well-lit training room, ADA restrooms, a kitchenette and a comfortable reception area for gatherings or meetings. 

Our facility and our instructors are available for corporate team building, school, and special event rentals.

We are located next to PEETS corporate headquarters in the Venture Commerce Center. 

To see the upstairs on Google 360, click the number 2 in the bottom right hand corner on your computer.

Check out our partners, IMPACT BAY AREA, for "real world" self defense classes.  The team at IMPACT frequently teaches at our studio and you can enroll by clicking on the link above.


Our Philosophy

Our mission is to: "Build Bendy Burly Bodies and Brains" and we've been doing that since 1995.  With over 25 years of experience, we are skilled instructors who can read bodies and motivate young minds in a thoughtful and productive way.

We believe and teach that as citizens of Earth our motto is:

"Tread light. Live Right. Play Fight."

Tread light means to live well with as little impact on the Earth (physically and materially) as possible. We are responsible for this planet and it is imperative to make conscious choices about consumption and support initiatives that protect the air we all breath, the water we all drink, and the land and sea that we all depend on.

Live Right means to take right action in all relationships especially with regards to social justice, equity, and diversity.  This also encompasses learning from past mistakes and asking for forgiveness.

Play Fight means that we want to have fun practicing martial arts, exercise, and meditation techniques in a community of like-minded people who enjoy training hard, finding humor in life, and making good decisions on a daily basis.

Our slogan is: "The More You Sweat the Better You Get" and we teach that it applies to everything in life.

Alameda Martial Arts offers our own unique brand of mixed martial arts:  LockBoxing™.  Our LockBoxing Black Belt Academy is dedicated to giving students a broad education in martial arts as well as the social and emotional life skills that come with team training and group fitness.

Student Creeds:

 #1: I will respect myself and others.

#2: I will listen and pay attention in order to learn.

#3: I will train to develop my body, mind, and spirit.

#4: I will use martial arts only in self-defense.


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